Freedom Ship will be one of the largest man made structures in existence and, subsequently, one of the most photographed as well. One can look at pictures of the ship and begin to imagine what it will look like built. It will be an architectural mesh of glass, steel, and other materials carefully sculpted into a city roughly 4,500 ft long, 750 ft wide, and 350 ft high where 100,000 people are present at any given moment. However, what will life be like aboard Freedom Ship?

All thriving metropolitan areas share three main characteristics that attract people to work, live, and raise a family. There must be a thriving commercial district capable of supplying the labor force with employment; furthermore, the area must also have an adequate transportation infrastructure to move goods and allow people easy access to every necessity for daily living. There must be a solid school system and highly qualified professionals to allow parents an attractive place to raise a family. Finally, there must be adequate healthcare facilities and professionals to provide their services when needed. If a metropolitan area contains these three main “keys” then the city will thrive and, in the case of Freedom Ship, the “key” to the real estate owned by our residents and business owners will be worth more as the value of the property appreciates over time. FSI is dedicated to providing a thriving commercial district with adequate transportation infrastructure, the world’s finest school system, and world-class healthcare facilities.

 Although the three areas of Commerce/Transportation, Education, and Healthcare are vitally important parts of life, it is the atmosphere aboard Freedom Ship that truly creates an attractive place to live. The ship will contain roughly 200 acres of open space for grassy parkland careful landscaped and manicured for all residents to enjoy. The interior of the city will feature wide streets with high vaulted ceilings and will contain many other features found in large metropolitan areas such as city blocks and transportation systems. Although final plans have not yet been released to the public, various city districts (or blocks) will feature different architectural themes from around the world…it will appear as though one is living in various areas of the world depending on where your home is located on the ship. The ship will have various plant life from around the world to fit various districts of the city…an indoor rain forest is a distinct possibility. Salt-water aquariums will flow throughout the ship. It is important to note that visitors will have access to a select area of the ship and will not be allowed entry into residential areas unless granted permission by a resident. However, the visitors will see the beauty of the commercial district. One will not feel as if they are aboard a ship but rather in a vibrant, attractive, safe, and refreshing place to live.

Residents and visitors aboard familythe ship will breath the fresh ocean air…well, at least until they disembark for land to explore the beauty of another metropolitan area. High-grade electrostatic air filters in every residential and commercial unit, and in all interior spaces, will significantly reduce airborne bacteria, viruses, dust, and pollen. Freedom Ship is designed to be an environmentally friendly showcase. Lacking ballast tanks, it will not discharge bilge water, nor will it dump other materials into the sea as cruise ships, and others, currently do. Electrical incineration toilets will eliminate sewage and sewage spills. Glass, plastic, metal, and paper will be recycled. The large amount of storage space available on the ship will make it possible to store such materials until the ship reaches a port where they can be sold. The community will exceed the requirements of any existing, or likely future, environmental regulations governing such matters. Each family who moves to the ship will reduce their present waste contributions to dumps and other depositories by about 2,000 pounds per year. Freedom Ship will make a significant contribution to reducing the existing per capita rate of environmental pollution. Many metropolitan areas throughout the world provide an attractive environment for their residents; however, Freedom Ship offers anyone the opportunity to live in such a world while seeing the rest of the world at the same time. It is truly a unique environment to work, live, raise a family, or just relax and read a book.


FSI is dedicated to creating this unique lifestyle in an affordable manner for all residents. Purchasers of real estate aboard Freedom Ship will experience initial real estate costs, monthly maintenance fees, and utility expenses lower than those of the average, large metropolitan area within the United States. There will be no property taxes aboard Freedom Ship. Residents aboard Freedom Ship will abide by the personal tax laws of the nation in which their citizenship is maintained. Corporations aboard Freedom Ship will abide by the tax laws of the nation in which they are incorporated.

FSI would also like to acknowledge the people who plan to live in such an environment. We have heard from many of our future residents and can honesty say that you are the focus of all our efforts for it is you who will truly make the Freedom Ship unique…a melting pot of different people, cultures, customs, values, and traditions. Your creativity and excitement is what fuels us on a daily basis.

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