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Sep 20, 2013

To all our past and present Freedom Ship followers who have just logged on and noticed our new and enhanced website, please let us cordially”Welcome” you back to Freedom Ship, with our thanks. Your patience and lasting loyalty are most commendable. For those of you who are visiting us for the first time, we also welcome you and offer you an unique experience in your adventure through our website. Your sensory voyage through this enlightening “City at Sea” will reveal our revolutionary concept and the future of circumnavigating the globe and its’ waters.


To truly experience the flavor and to visualize our ultimate goal for Freedom Ship after visiting our homepage and getting a thumbnail sketch of this fantastic and unique project, please click on the “video” drop down and enjoy the Discovery Channel’s vision of Freedom Ship.


Our dream to bring this history-making project to fruition has never faltered. It has merely been delayed due to a number of issues. Please stay posted to our new and exciting website and follow our progress to bring Freedom Ship, the “City at Sea”, to the reality which it deserves.



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