The infrastructure of Freedom Ship contains various transportation systems and facilities necessary to move people and goods on and off the ship as well as transportation aboard the ship. The three main forms of transportation are the airport, the port authority (marina), and the onboard subway system. One can use the airport and port authority to embark or disembark the ship at their convenience. Residents and business owners are only minutes away from a constantly changing environment and have the ability to see the beauty of the world.

The airport will be located on the top deck of the ship. The size of the ship will provide a stable and appropriately sized runway for small commuter and cargo aircraft and helicopters. Current specifications allow for aircraft as large as a STOL turboprop capable of carrying 38 to 40 passengers. Insulation and proper design will shield the residential and commercial districts of the ship from noise associated with airport operations. However, if engineering and management find noise to be detrimental to the overall quality of life aboard Freedom Ship then the airport will be redesigned to facilitate helicopters only with the remaining real estate used as an additional nature preserve. FSI will operate a fleet of aircraft; however, residents are encouraged to own and operate their private aircraft and helicopters. Hanger space below the flight deck will be available for lease to residents and visitors. A flight school will operate on the ship as well.

boatsThe port authority will be located at the stern of the ship. The stability of the ship in rough seas combined with the size of the port authority will allow for a constant flow of people to embark and disembark the ship. FSI will own and operate a fleet of Coast Guard approved Subchapter K ferries capable of carrying 350 passengers each and leaving the ship every 20 minutes. Although space is limited, residents will be able to dry-dock their own vessels aboard the ship as well. Although FSI has not finalized the design, it is feasible to have car ferries dock in the port authority and provide residents with the opportunity to lease space available in the hull of the ship for vehicle storage. Residents would be able to own their vehicles and drive them up onto a ferry and off onto land wherever they chose. Such a design would provide unparalleled opportunities to further travel and explore every region of the world.

The onboard subway system will provide residents and visitors with the ability to quickly reach any portion of the ship in a timely manner. It is important to note that visitors will not have access to residential districts aboard the ship. The transportation systems and commercial districts are two of many factors anticipated to promote the appreciation of real estate values aboard Freedom Ship.

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