Design Featuers


Attractive artwork and creative architecture would grace the ship. Parks and promenades would boast waterfalls, ponds, and extensive landscaping. Most levels would feature large saltwater aquariums. The shopping mall, one of the world’s largest, would also be one of its most beautiful. Portions would be dedicated to individual countries, featuring culturally characteristic architectures. The planned 100-foot-wide main deck would lead to a marina at the stern. Over 200 acres of open area are planned for recreation and relaxation.Comfort and Safety:
The vessel’s proposed flat bottom hull construction, along with its extraordinary size, would result in unmatched and unprecedented stability providing a smooth ride in the roughest seas. Proposed safety of the vessel is enhanced by the use of 600 individual air/water tight hull sections. Extensive use of 4 hour rated firebreaks between decks areas within the decks will enhance fire safety. The ship would be virtually fireproof. The proposed electro-static ventilation system would supply uncontaminated, filtered and purified air.

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